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3 ways to order your jewelry:
How to work with us?

We are Cattivo Jewelry, a jewelry manufacturer from Hong Kong, we have been working with many international brands for a decade, from OEM to ODM, our one-stop solution turns your jewelry idea into a jewelry brand!

We specialize in silver, brass and solid gold. A variety of natural and synthetic stones that suit your design needs.

We can do the gold plating thickness upon your request, even achieve the vermeil standard.

We value your intellectual property by signing a non-disclosure agreement, this will safeguard your design without disclosing it to any third party.

Our “made to order” approach ensures each of our customer has their distinctive collection in the market, we believe brand’s individuality is a core value, and it is the only way to achieve success in the jewelry world.

So how can you start to work with us?

Usually our customers are inspired from our Website, Instagram or eDM. Then they will reach our Sales team. 

There are 3 ways of initiating the jewelry order with us. 

The first way is you may pick and purchase from our catalogue. In this way, you don’t have to pay the development fee.

However, since these are our open lines, some are already existing in the market, you will not have exclusive rights to them.

The second way is based on our existing styles, you can tweak a little to make it your own style, this way we will charge a development fee, but after you pay for this fee, the new style will belong to your brand exclusively.

The advantages are that the processing time is way faster and 70% similar products can be given. Benefiting from our researches of trends from the in-house team and our client feedbacks, this makes your product close to the market needs.

The last way is if you have your design or idea, we can make it from scratch for you, you will have to pay a development fee, and you will have the exclusive right to this style.

What about the cost and time needed?

The development fee usually ranges from USD 30-50 per style, depending on its complexity.

This fee includes 2D sketches, 3D CAD drafting, 3D printing, modeling and finally the prototype. There are 2 ways to confirm the prototype which are by sending photographs or mailing the actual prototype for your approval.

The sample cost is affordable.

The sampling will take 4 weeks while the mass production will take up to 4-6 weeks, depending on the total quantity requested.

Before you requesting a quotation from us, we will need to know the following details from you.

Number 1:  Which material?

Number 2: The plating thickness

For silver or brass based gold plating, the plating range is from 0.1 to 3.0 micron.

We recommend 0.5 micron for fast-moving jewelry.

Last but not least, the quantity. How many pieces would you like to order?

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to build your collection with our dedicated jewelry experts.

Check our Website now at www.staging.cattivojewelry.com or email us now at [email protected].