About Us

Cattivo Jewelry is the brainchild of the collaborative couple Thomas Tjiong and Carman Un. since 2008. Over the past 16 years, we have designed and produced a multitude of successful jewelry collections for various international brands, and our works have been exhibited in Paris, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

“Cattivo” is an Italian word that means “bad”.

It’s not a traditional way to name a jewelry company, but we believe that our services are changing the old industry practices, and unleashing the creative powers of young designers in the new digital era. With the service we provided, we are hoping to incubate a new generation of jewelry designers and entrepreneurs who are capable of creating “wearable sculptures” that express the personality of the wearers all around the globe.





Our mission is to empower jewelry brands and designers to scale their businesses via the provision of comprehensive services and end-to-end manufacturing support all under one roof. The market transition has been a rollercoaster ride since the beginning of 2020, as we have braced through it together with our customers. We see the market rise and fall amid shockwaves, yet we keep evolving till we have come together with our customers, and today, as we are all reaching the end of the tunnel, we are proudly marching into a new era.




We pride ourselves in our innovative integration of jewelry designs and production processes, as well as our outstanding customer services provided to all customers. They are recognised by our qualifications of SMETA by SEDEX, certified by ISO 9001:2015. Our production facilities are strictly in compliance with the international regulations, exemplifying our commitment to the industrial-leading environmental, safety, and labour standards. Early 2022, We are proud to announce that Cattivo Jewelry has been officially certified as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Having your supply chain backed by a member of the RJC fosters consumer confidence and ensures value for generations to come.



Cattivo is much more than a jewelry manufacturer; we combine art, technology, and commercial values into every piece we create.

We disrupt the jewelry manufacturing industry by taking a few steps further – we follow the world’s latest design trends closely and actively advise designers on jewelry designs.

Combining our trend insight and fine craftsmanship, we are working with jewelry designers around the globe for a wide range of collections following the most updated fashion trends.

From the changes in the pandemic years, we understand the importance of providing services with flexibility. It is a new era for us to be transparent in all steps and integrate technologies to streamline the process. We strive to be agile in all aspects to assist and grow with our customers.



At Cattivo, we believe that the foundation of our jewelry brand and services are our values, which distinguish us from others and guide our actions. Over the years, we have been committed to creating jewelry ethically and responsibly by adopting sound environmental practices to make our Earth a more sustainable place. We use 100% recycling silver, opt for biodegradable packaging, and adopt sustainable practices in our production process. These values are rooted in Cattivo’s history, heritage and character, and help us meet our purpose.

Through working with third parties and continuous research, our team of sustainability specialists keep our code of morality and environmental ethics up to date, and our sustainability options are tailored to our customers.

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