RJC Certified​


In 2022, We proudly announce that Cattivo Jewelry has been officially certified as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Founded in 2005 by 14 pioneering organizations embracing the same vision, RJC is an international not-for-profit association crafting the standardization for responsible business and sustainability for the jewelry and watch industry. Today, RJC has continuously extended its network and impact to more than 1200 members globally and in partnership with Jeweler Support Network, The Plumb Club, United Nations Global Compact, and ISEAL Alliance together to flourish in the future – it leads the industry’s belief, establishes the trust and paves the path the way towards better business ethics, responsible supply chain, equal rights, and environmental commitment.

Cattivo Jewelry, officially authorized in our Guangzhou TianYue Jewelry, is committed to delivering the same vision and values with RJC which is a transparent and responsible business model. There is been a regular auditing process in Cattivo Jewelry as required to confirm the scope of certification at the consistent and legitimate level from RJC every 1-2 years.

Beyond the RJC boundary, Cattivo Jewelry provides consumers with credible guarantees of product quality and ethical behavior including employee human rights, health & safety, training provision, sustainable environment, supplier control, and social responsibility, etc. In these areas, Cattivo Jewelry is delighted to offer more to position ourselves as a leading role model to other competitors to demonstrate the synergy of responsible enterprise.


The journey of sustainability has already begun at Cattivo Jewelry in a long period. Here are some highlights of practices around us every day:

As a member of RJC, Cattivo involves in the local community to donate material, people, and budgets to uphold our values of ethics, human rights, and the UN sustainable goals. Cattivo makes our actions into one of these chapters as a giveback to society for more sustainable development.

Meanwhile, during the COVID-19, Cattivo Jewelry donated our safety goods, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and face masks to other countries during such a difficult time. Cattivo believes the scattering of light will eventually outline a clear vision of a sustainable future.


Cattivo Jewelry follows trust and ethical sources of raw material along the production chain. We disclose a reasonable level of content regarding the supplier performance and their background to enhance the transparency, which is reported to RJC. The information has been available upon request to encourage feedbacks from business to business, ultimately creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement and delivery of better B2B service quality.

This strongly benefits all business entities in the long run - the more transparent we can do, the better outcome we can achieve.

To join with the sustainability community, Cattivo has acquired a sewage discharge certificate from the environmental assessment by the local government. Effluent from the manufacturing process is closely monitored to assess the level of heavy metals, quantity, and quality based on the multiple sample points in the discharging pipelines - to minimize harmful chemicals being discharged. Any cleaning and filtration operations in the treatment plant strictly follow the regulation standard of the local authority.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, Cattivo Jewelry took precautions and necessary measures to protect our staff and their family. Cattivo provisioned face masks every week. The office and factory area will be sterilized three times a day and maintain social distance in the working place. Temperature checking twice a day to ensure any one of Cattivo Jewelry is able to identify the preliminary risk of infection.

An employee handbook is prescribed to ensure our work practice, emergency action, rules, and obligations are aligned with everyone’s understanding. Internal training is offered to all department managers who are also qualified with a first-aid certificate, as a result, to transfer the know-how to a wider extent.


At the beginning of a new joiner, Cattivo Jewelry provides a full set of onboarding training. The goal is to bring new people in Cattivo into the big family comfortably so that everyone can shine in their position rapidly.

Every month, Cattivo Jewelry has safety training which is a crucial element in constructing a safer and efficient operation. Fire drill exercises will be taken every six months. With the training, all the evacuation routes and equipment will be clearly explained. Safety is always our top priority out of the business operation and Cattivo makes sure sufficient awareness is raised among our workforce for the latest announcements, training, and opportunities.


Cattivo Jewelry encourages employees as a whole family and we spend the necessary resources to develop a respectful, equal, trusting, and comfortable workplace for every one of us in the workplace. Cattivo offers a lunch subsidy to allow our staff to enjoy their break of the middle fruitfully with the most they want for Quality of food.

Every month, based on the employee record, Cattivo organizes parties for birthday stars to enhance their belonging to the company and our people. Many of them are coming from cities in China so we take this opportunity to celebrate one of the prominent dates. Everyone will be entitled to have a special gift for their Birthday. By the end of the financial year, every employee in Cattivo will receive the discretionary bonus subject to the individual and business performance before the family time in Chinese New Year. Employees having good attendance records will be presented with the recognition award.

For female employees in Cattivo Jewelry, any new mother will automatically be benefited to enjoy their one-hour less work daily to take care of their baby before one-year-old, Cattivo knows feeding and caring are important to our new babies. Additionally, Cattivo Jewelry is delighted to come together to celebrate the achievement of women in many areas, Cattivo will offer shopping vouchers to them on March 8th International Women’s Day every year.


Cattivo Jewelry strongly values a sustainable future as what we have been committed to in our ongoing activities. It is imperative to be in partnership with all entities in which we share the same visions to maximize the benefits across all members not only in the jewelry industry but as a strong driving force to accelerate the sustainable journey of all businesses.

We participate in well-recognized and world-class jewelry trade shows regularly to promote our culture and values, enhance business communication, and raise awareness of sustainability. We should altogether on the same front line to conquer the challenges towards greater responsibility in a transparent supply chain, more ethical and reliable corporation, improved human rights, stronger synergy on social responsibility, and a more sustainable environment for the next generation.

Using the RJC Code of Practices is a continuous improvement process that also allows Cattivo to educate our stakeholders and promote responsible practices in all areas. At Cattivo Jewelry, we encourage you to join us hand in hand in supporting our dedication. To begin with, you are most welcome to contact our customer representative to obtain product quotations and explore business opportunities with Cattivo. We look forward to working with like-minded brands in this revolution.

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