At Cattivo, we believe that the foundation of our jewelry brand and services are our values, which distinguish us from others and guide our actions. Over the years, we have been committed to creating jewelry ethically and responsibly.

SMETA Qualified

Cattivo is one of the few jewelry companies in the industries that have completed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA in short), the most widely used social audits in the world. By assessing business based on 4 key pillars, including labor standard, health and safety, environment and business ethics, SMETA evaluates whether a business’ is adopting responsible business practices and meeting social compliance. The successful audit demonstrates our dedication to ethical and responsible jewelry business practices, including transparent sourcing of raw materials, safe working environments, fair wages for workers, no child labour, and much more.

RJC Member

Apart from SMETA, our solely owned factory in Guangzhou (Guangzhou Tianyue Jewelry Co., Ltd.) is also a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading standards authority in the global jewelry industry. With a shared belief that responsible business is good business, RJC spares no effort in creating a globally sustainable future for the jewelry industry by creating a better supply chain with members worldwide. Members have to commit to the highest international standard of responsible business practices, all the way from mining sites to retail stores. We are proud to uphold our business practices to the RJC standard and offer top quality jewelry to our customers, as making ethical and responsible jewelry is always the key to success.

Biodegradable packaging

Packaging is a vital part of the industry, but it does not need longevity like jewelry. We are taking further steps by choosing the Biodegradable d2w Technology, which accelerates the natural process of oxidation when it is no longer in use, leaving the environment with no toxic residues and microplastics. We believe that continuing to improve the packaging of jewelry will help protect our planet for good.

Sustainable facilities

Every step in the journey of our production impact the well-being of our planet. Rarely known by the public, jewelry production will create unwanted side-products – fume and wastewater. Therefore, our production facility is taking a step further by installing a fume extraction system and sewage treatment plant for the good sake of protecting the environment and our Earth.

100% recycled silver

Not a single piece of the metal strap would be wasted in our production facility. By utilising our manufacturing know-how, we produce jewelry that is made from 100% recycled silver. For instance, the metal scraps produced during the treeing process will be recycled back into the system for making other exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Choose The Green Path

By choosing Cattivo, you are making your choice to respect people and our planet.